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Welcome to NEWGEN Chiropractic

Welcome to
NEWGEN Chiropractic

At NEWGEN Chiropractic, your health and lifestyle are the focus. 


You and your family will be treated with integrity, respect, compassion and care.

You will experience quick and efficient chiropractic care that will enhance your way of life

mentally, physically, and even emotionally.


What Sets NewGen Chiropractic Apart?

As a tennis and pickleball player, Dr. Sanio knows what struggles his fellow athletes deal with, whether it’s strained ankles, shoulder pain, calf muscle strains, and even tennis elbow.
He can work through these issues and more to help unlock and strengthen what’s been locked up and weak for many years allowing better recovery between points and matches.
Not only does he help athletes feel like they’re in their prime, he can help people feel better doing what they enjoy whether it's at home, at work, or with their friends and families.

Conditions Treated


-Frozen Shoulder


-Headaches and Migraines

-Knee pain

-Ankle pain

-Shoulder impingement

-Carpal Tunnel


-Tennis Elbow

-"Text neck" Overuse Syndrome

-Achilles Tendonitis

-Calf Strains


-Pinched Nerves

-TMJ pain


-Degenerative Joint Disease

-Degenerative Disc Disease

-Poor posture

Improved posture for better health.
Poor posture leading to back pain and neck pain.

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What is a Subluxation? 
A Chiropractor's Bread and Butter

A subluxation is a minor misalignment of a joint in your body particularly the spine and pelvis that limits nerve functioning to your muscles, organs, and tissue (imagine a pinched garden hose that can't allow you to water your plants). 

Many other joints have subluxations that can be corrected with an adjustment such as shoulders, knees, elbows, ankles, etc.

Subluxations are with you you're entire life. Your body does a good job adapting to them, until there comes a time when you start to develop aches and pains particularly in your low back and neck. This is where we say "must be old age" when in reality people in their teens and twenties feel it too. It all depends on the things you do day-to-day that determine how fast or slow the aches and pains develop.

Some Causes of Subluxations

-Sleeping on your stomach


-Falls as a kid and as an adult

-Poor posture 

-Looking down on your phone 

-Playing sports

Pinched nerve, neuropathy, subluxation, chiropractic helps fix this.

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What is a Subluxaton
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